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With so many companies offering Professional Development Courses for teachers, you might wonder why you should choose OSL training?

At OSL Training, we will work with you before, during and after your course, rather than simply turning up on the day.

We use the latest techniques – blogs, social networking groups, digital storage – to make sure you enjoy a complete training experience.

Pre-course questionnaire

When you register for one of our courses, you will receive a questionnaire specific to the course you have chosen. By completing this, you will enable us to check that the course covers the material you wish to learn. We will then be able to make any necessary changes to the agenda before the course takes place, rather than having to provide “off the cuff” responses at the last minute.

Enjoyable and usable courses

When you attend an OSL course, we hope you will find it to be a uniquely enjoyable and beneficial experience. Our lively, engaging trainers will present plenty of immediately usable practical ideas.

You won’t hear about the curriculum, or the proscribed textbooks – you know all that. What you will get is practical, usable teaching advice, based on our trainers’ hard-won, real-world, classroom experience.You’ll also be fed and watered.

More than one trainer per course

Where the variety of boards covered by the delegates warrants it, your course will be run by two Trainers to make sure that the course is directly relevant to all concerned.

Extensive course materials

Each course includes a selection of materials plus an electronic version of the booklet used on the course: these materials are put on a memory stick that is yours to keep.

More important than anything else, we listen

Our Trainers are practising teachers. Constantly exposed to the same challenges, the same situations and stresses that you are. They are also exposed to the same INSET days, Training days, Baker days ad infinitum as you are. Some of our Trainers themselves attend courses elsewhere.

With that in mind you may be interested to read this this Telegraph Article

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One poster in a TES thread about courses wrote:

“However the usual format is:

Death by powerpoint
Sat on bone hard seats in too cold or too hot halls
Dull delivery of meaningless tasks by uninspiring providers

That is why we have this site – so we can ‘get to know’ you before you arrive – and you can ‘get to know’ us. You won’t “die a death of a thousand powerpoints” with us – attending a course with OSL Training will be the natural development of the exchange, the provision and discussion of ideas and materials provided here.

One other thing. No crowded hotel conference centre with hundreds of delegates. We limit intake to TEN people per course.

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Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for all your help with Jack’s economics A level. It obviously made the vital difference and got him the A he needed, and he really enjoyed the tutorials as well. It is quite a relief that the results are out and most of them seem to have got more or less what they needed, so good work all round. - Sheila, Parent to an Economics pupil