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The Oxford School of Learning Approach to Education

Our aim is to provide the highest quality education to our students. Education is not just about passing examinations – it is also about having an honest approach to life. We know of prestigious Language Schools who when their students were caught cheating in coursework, simply allowed them to re-submit. This is not our approach. We expel anyone caught cheating. We will report to the police anyone we ever find who has attempted to bribe their way into University.

That is our policy – it is hoped that all other Educational Institutions will follow. The Utah Valley State College sums it up when they say:

“Educational institutions are microcosms of culture and the society that supports them. As such, they should be bastions of ethical behaviour. These institutions should be the training ground for students to determine and practice their personal ethics code which will guide them for the remainder of their lives.”

Source: Utah Valley State College


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