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Bribing Your Way into University

In May of 2005 a number of our students were disturbed to be approached by various students from China who claimed that it was possible to bribe your way into University. In particular reference was made to two articles in the Times Higher Education Supplement where an article stated:

“Nowadays, everything can be settled using money.” With these nonchalant words, Zhang, a Chinese sixth-form student taking his A levels in Oxford, explained how simple it is to fix a place at university for unqualified students.

“Besides Cambridge and Oxford universities, all other universities are guaranteed,” he claimed. “I know a friend who already got into Oxford Brookes and is doing his first-year business degree now.”

Source: Times Higher Education Supplement


A second article stated:

“An agent for Chinese students told an undercover researcher last week that he had fixed university places for “hundreds” of unqualified students, for fees of several thousand pounds each, over the past three years.

A first-year undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University confirmed to the researcher that he had secured an unconditional offer for £4,000 using fake A-level results, when he had only a basic English-language qualification.”

Source: Times Higher Education Supplement


The Oxford School of Learning response to bribes

The Oxford School of Learning tracked down both the students in the article. Both were attending colleges in Oxford. Both students repeated – and proved – their claims. As a result of this we wrote to the London School of Economics and asked them what steps they take to ensure that students cannot ‘bribe their way in’. Their reply is shown – in full – below. We will also be writing to all other universities in the UK to ask them too about what steps they take to prevent students cheating their way in.


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Thank you (once again) for all you have done for Jack – which I think has gone beyond the economics tutoring and into how to approach studying etc. I really am so grateful for all the hours you have given over to this. See you very soon – I will miss your emails falling into my inbox – they have been v entertaining at times! With love and immense appreciation - Caroline, Parent