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The simple answer is: ‘No other organisation in the UK has success such as ours!’. Simply look at the press coverage below:

During the past 10 years OSL has appeared in the press many times. This may have been owing to the success of pupils, or the short time our students take to pass – sometimes as little as four hours of lessons. The Principal, Chris Sivewright, has appeared on several television programmes (Kilroy, The Time The Place) as well as being featured in news stories.

OSL has a history of success – but this success has not always pleased the educational authorities. After all, why would they welcome an educational institution that achieves in a matter of weeks what many schools take 2 years over? Could it be the difference is government bureaucracy? Lack of flexibility in the school system? Classroom behaviour?

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BBC Online. Here’s what the BBC web site said when Sue Doran sat her AEB Business Studies A-level after only 4 weeks study.

BBC Online. Here’s what the BBC web site said when she passed with Grade A!

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After all your help, I just wanted to let you know how the exam went. I got an A on my retake, an A on both papers and so an A overall :) Thank you so much for all your help, I think my grades would not be the same without it! Hope all is well and thanks again! - Annie, Student