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Trinidad Conference

The one-day conference covered the following:

1. Macro-economic objectives of any government

  • Reduce unemployment (structural, frictional, residual, technological, demand-deficient)
  • Reduce inflation (cost push, demand pull, profit push)
  • Increase economic growth (GDP/GNP)
  • Balance of payments equilibrium/surplus (deflate, devalue, import controls)

If you were running the government what economic problems would you follow?

2. Current election considerations of the Trinidadian Government

(Presentation by the Economics group)

  • Natural gas – negotiations on new LNG plants
  • Changes in the tax regime
  • Caribbean pipeline
  • Environmental management
  • Employment policy
  • Tackling poverty
  • Crisis in health and education systems
  • Global competitiveness
  • Industrial and technology policies
  • Supportive monetary. Fiscal and exchange rate regimes
  • Civic empowerment
  • Transparency – public disclosure of the sources of party funding
  • Restrictions on foreign donations
  • Audited public accounts

The economics group set to creating their ‘Economic Plan for Trinidad’
whilst the Business Studies group start their lesson…on the other side of the classroom.

3. Economic growth

  • Injections: government expenditure, exports, investment
  • Withdrawals: savings, tax, imports

A question from the floor whilst the presenters of the ‘Plan for Trinidad’ wait.


4. The use of demand and supply diagrams

  • Tax
  • Black market
  • CAP
  • Cost push inflation
  • Demand pull inflation
  • Minimum wage
  • Import controls – tariffs
  • Economic rent, consumer surplus, opportunity costs

5. Mind Maps

  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • Exchange rates
  • Economic growth/recession

6. Wage theory

  • MRP
  • Limitations
  • The theory
  • Trade Unions
  • Business Studies group

1. Japanese management

  • Ouchi
  • Theory Z
  • JIT
  • TQM
  • Keiretsu
  • Kanban
  • Karoshi

2. Motivation theory

  • Taylor
  • Herzberg
  • Mayo
  • Maslow
  • McGregor

“I ask you – how would you motivate teachers in this school?”

3. Mind Maps


A pair of pupils presents their plan to Shazmin Ali (Oxford Conferences) explaining how they would motivate teachers at St Stephen’s College.



A second pair of pupils present their ‘Motivation Plan’

Accounts Group

  • the Balance Sheet
  • Adjustments to Final Accounts

Lunch-time tuition

  • Individual problems
  • Macro-economic policy
  • Mind Maps

Individual groups are called to the front to discuss the finer points…


The following pupils attended the conference:
Devita Abraham, Latisha Adimoolah, Latisha Ahamat, Jenna Beharry, Lisa Callender, Lindsay Moonan, Maurisa Cooper, Radica Rambharose, Crystal Samaroo, Stefan Andrews, Areal Boodoo, Selwyn Kennedy, Mitra Ramkissoon, Nigel Ramlagan, Imran ‘Chief Heckler’ Rampersad, Marcel Wharwood and Tanya Noel.

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I am really excited to let you know I got an A in economics, I got 88% in the Global Economy paper and 80% in the other paper about work and leisure markets! I am so so so happy! And the good news is I am now going to be studying dentistry and Cardiff! Thanks for all your help and encouragement, I would not have got that grade without you! Thanks again Chris, I’m forever grateful. - Rosie, Student