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Tips, tricks and teaching ideas for Psychology A level

A one day seminar for ALL teachers of Psychology. This is a course for everyone – it’s about delivery rather than subject content.


To ensure that ALL delegates return to school enthused, refreshed and overflowing with ideas and resources!

Who should attend?

ALL teachers of Psychology


Here is what people have said about previous OSL psychology courses


Course Evaluation Forms – Psychology A-Level Course – 2006
Here you can see the actual Course Evaluation forms from which the comments below were taken. We’ve included all of them, warts and all, so you can see what people really thought about the course!
Download PDF File:adobe_pdf_icon-148x140


“At the moment I have so many ideas buzzing around my head that the enthusiasm will last until September. All the material will be of use, but it was the understanding of why we should use it that was so good”Janet Lynskey– The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College
“Very useful, very informative, especially the fact that everyone attending also made a contribution and shared their knowledge”
Yolandi van der Merwe- George Abbot School
“It was excellent, lots of useful tips and ideas. This is probably the best course I’ve attended because of the density of ideas all packed into one day”

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Thank you (once again) for all you have done for Jack – which I think has gone beyond the economics tutoring and into how to approach studying etc. I really am so grateful for all the hours you have given over to this. See you very soon – I will miss your emails falling into my inbox – they have been v entertaining at times! With love and immense appreciation - Caroline, Parent