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Free Will and Determinism

So, how can this book be used?

There are several alternatives.

  1. Give the first map out (in the section) and ask the class to extend the map according to their notes – or do this as a test
  2. Give a partial map out – perhaps ½ way to completion and ask questions about the individual branches
  3. Give the final map out and ask the class if there is anything that needs explaining or is needed to be added on
  4. Give the entire map out and discuss whether there are other ways in which the topic may be arranged
  5. Give the entire map out and ask someone to give a talk about the topic
  6. Split the class into groups. Each group has one set of maps. Their task is to follow through the maps and then be able to present to class

That’s just six! I am certain there must be others. For example, some of the maps are very thin – this leaves plenty of space for comments underneath.

But … what’s with this ‘two versions’ idea?

We decided to try a new approach for this manual. We each (Sue and Shirley) created Mind Maps for Free Will and Determinism. That means that there are two versions of this book – it is up to you which one you choose …

We hope you find this manual very useful.

Price: £1.00

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