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AQA AS Revision Guide:Marketing

This manual is one in a series of eight, written to cover the entire AQA syllabus. Each manual has a different author so the styles may well differ.

Why is this?

Some would argue that all authors should follow the same style so there is cohesiveness throughout. But Business Studies is not like that! Place ten experienced Business Studies teachers in a line ands they may all teach in a different way, in a different order with an emphasis on different parts of the syllabus.

Some teachers emphasise the numerical aspects; others emphasise decision-making. Some will stress the importance of definitions; others will spend hours on honing evaluative skills in pupils.

Eight manuals – eight styles. Enough for everyone!

This manual is in three sections:

Section 1 – a mind-map summary of the syllabus#

Section 2 – the core of the manual

Section 3 – a one page summary of all that has gone before.

Remembering that the idea behind this series is that all the manuals are photocopies and handed round class for discussion, application and absorption great attention has been paid to slavishly following the syllabus. That said, at various points throughout, keen pupils are encouraged to research further areas not stated in the AS syllabus. Nothing like encouraging further investigation!

No time – and space – is wasted in describing the syllabus or the requirements of the examination. All pupils should have a copy of the syllabus – in fact the first two pages are for pupils to complete. Rather than give a list of definitions that may just be glossed over far better for pupils to carry out their own research. Thus the ONLY time pupils are instructed to complete areas is in the first few pages of section 2. Of course as a photocopiable manual it is hoped that pupils will be adding to, commenting and highlighting areas throughout. Examples and extracts are also included – even though this is merely a summary manual. Examples bring concepts to life and help stress to pupils the importance of reading the news.

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AS Business Objectives and Strategy Questions

Ten comprehension questions/answers. Topics include: accountability; communication; business objectives; change; SWOT analysis; stakeholders.

Price: £1.00

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AS Business Studies Comprehensions

Every step has been taken to make the following comprehension questions as up to date as possible. Nearly all of the articles/questions enclosed are from news events after February 2004. Examiners often bemoan the fact that candidates seem to have little knowledge of current affairs and seem unable to apply their textbook knowledge to recent events. By providing 100+ articles with questions following, pupils can now read and think about current events – and apply their Business Studies. In this way this manual acts as a ‘revision manual’ that is interesting, absorbing and practical.

As the manual is photocopiable, questions can be used in class to illustrate particular points of the syllabus. The source of every article is given so pupils can carry out further research about the topic. The articles are in no particular order. Originally we thought of putting them in module order but that would constrain the range of questions asked. Then we thought of including these chronological order – but there seemed little point in that. Dates are given for each article and, of course, schools may re-arrange as they wish.

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AS Business Studies for International Students

‘AS Business Studies for International Students’ is a photocopiable manual deliberately designed to be of specific use for Business Studies students whose first language is not English. Although the core of the syllabus is enclosed in note forms there are supplementary exercises drawn from international Newspapers. The variety of articles have been chosen to place the study of business in an international context. In this way the pupil who is new to the UK is less likely to feel swamped by textbooks/lessons/television programmes that tend to emphasis business ‘in the UK’.

Exercises are also included that are testing knowledge  of key business terms. This may be through ‘games’ such as Word Search or simply through asking for definitions/explanations. In some cases the answer to the puzzle is directly from the syllabus. This allows the teacher to then go through the syllabus terms as part of going through the answer.

This manual is ideal as a tool for the delivery of Business English and/or a supplement to core tuition in AS Business studies.

Price: £1.00

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AS Business Studies – a Basic Approach

Ideal for GCSE and upward! Each topic is clearly explained avoiding the use of jargon. No previous knowledge is required – fully photocopiable!

Price: £1.00

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