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GCSE Business Studies via Mind Maps IV

This manual differs slightly from the other ‘GCSE Business Studies Mind Map’ volumes.

The aim here is not to break the maps down but to cover one topic per page. Of necessity these topics are short. My task was to cover ‘about 40 topics in 40 pages…’ – and that is what I have endeavoured to do.

Admittedly the maps appear simple – but that is deliberately so. This is a book to be photocopied and by keeping the maps simple I am encouraging readers/users to add on to what is already there.

Price: £1.00

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Thank you so much for everything. Your in-put into Tom’s economics has made a massive difference to him. He has also enjoyed you teaching him, which is more than half of the battle I guess. Thanks also for your understanding with Tom’s stress levels! Hopefully now exams are over (or tomorrow, should I say), things will only improve now! Can’t thank you enough. Your reputation was excellent when we first heard of you, but having experienced the effect your teaching has, you deserve even better! Obviously Tom will be emailing you tomorrow to let you know how he got on and meantime, enough of my compliments! With best wishes. - Sue, Parent