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GCSE Business Mind Maps III

This manual differs significantly from other Mind Maps  For a start, this manual is not ‘just’ mind maps! Also included are scores of ‘new’ words used in Business Studies. Most of them will not be in text books. They have been included here to allow pupils to research the true meaning. This is to encourage research and interest. Yes, in later years, these words/phrases may be in mainstream textbooks – so GCSE pupils will be ahead of the field.

Now, the Mind Maps.

The early pages of this manual give detailed Mind Maps in a series of stages i.e., from the very beginning to the final conclusion. These final Mind Maps have borders round the branches to illustrate that the topic is finished – but, of course, given the subject Business Studies is, you may care to add on extra ideas. In later sections, the Mind Maps provide less and less guidance. Instead questions are asked – which makes the Maps ideal for discussion in class. The whole point of this manual is to encourage discussion and, by using Mind Maps, allow for participation and learning.

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