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Football in Business

This fully-photocopiable manual is a resource whereby football may be used to deliver various aspects of A2 Business Studies.

The format is straightforward. A football quotation (or several) is stated together with a possible topic area. Some sample questions are asked – the aim being to stimulate discussion. At the bottom of each page is a quotation for teachers. This may be used for classroom discussion or simply for you to think about.

Extracts from various ‘football management’ books are also included – together with ideas for ‘typical areas’.

Plenty of space is left for teachers to devise lesson plans based on the quotations or to add other areas where the quotations may be applied

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He has done really really well. His overall grades were BBC but both the B’s are just a tiny bit short of A’s. In economics the got AAB – so thank you so so much. - Caroline, Parent