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Creativity in Business

Various techniques are discussed showing how to inject ‘creative thinking’ into Business Studies lessons. Many examples are given – always with one eye on the syllabus.

The edition is now nearly double the size and the exercises have all been updated….but the price has not changed.

This manual is divided into 35 fully-photocopiable Classroom Exercises. To supplement the exercises there are several appendices as follows:

Appendix 1 – a list of 25 ‘puzzle sites’ to encourage thinking. The URL is not given  -just the site title.  You should be able to find the site through Google. On your research you will no doubt be attracted to many other sites – and your creativity will be further enhanced!

Appendix 2 – a review of ‘creativity websites’. The reviewer is Steven Jones.

Appendix 3 – 10 lesson plans using creativity techniques., these are for Economics classes but can easily be adapted for Business Studies.

Appendix 4 – a  list of ways in which you may ‘cross train’ your brain.

Price: £1.00

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Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature. - Eric Hoffer