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Welcome to ‘Calculations for AS & A2 Business Studies’. Enclosed are 60+ comprehension questions that ask students to calculate and interpret. Many of the questions are ‘simple’ percentage ones – and yet these are the type of questions that AS pupils often stumble over. Just so as A2 students do not become complacent, some harder questions are included…

The questions are deliberately short. This is because in the main they are purely calculation questions. Space is left on the page for the calculations – plus any further questions that the teacher may care to add. For example, rather than just calculating a wage bill, the teacher may decide to discuss wages as a motivator – if you’re already earning £100,000 a week how would a bonus of £20,000 be any extra motivation?

90% of the text is from very recent (late 2005, early 2006) news events. Thus this manual serves a second function – to try and make sure that students keep up to date with current affairs. As the information is so current, teachers will find it ways to find extra material and whole lessons can be built round some of the articles enclosed.

Special thanks to John Tsang for releasing copyright on the older questions (the ones with the mark allocation) included here.

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After all your help, I just wanted to let you know how the exam went. I got an A on my retake, an A on both papers and so an A overall :) Thank you so much for all your help, I think my grades would not be the same without it! Hope all is well and thanks again! - Annie, Student