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AS Economics Mind Maps (AQA)

The first section is simply a summary of the entire AS Economics syllabus. In theory, if pupils fully know and can explain these mind maps then they will know the syllabus!

The core of the manual is the second section. Brief summaries are given of the main areas of AS. BUT these are incomplete. Bearing in mind that this is a photocopiable book, readers are asked to fill in sections detailing key internet sites for the economic topics being illustrated. Clearly the sites chosen will vary from school to school and will also change over time. Deliberately so, this section is blank.

The mind maps are shown in various stages of completion. Sometimes just the very beginning of the map is shown. This may then be photocopied and given to the class to complete. Sometimes the entire map is shown, but broken down into stages. Again sections may be copied and distributed – or just the final version.

The third section is entitles ‘Putting the MindMmaps into Practice’.

This section is about relating topical news items to the AS syllabus – and then expanding on the information given. The first few articles are old articles from 2003. Here the article is summarised and questions are asked.  (Useful for exam revision!) A mind map is shown of the article. Pupils may care to answer the questions and put the answers on the mind map….

The second half of this section is made up of very recent (26th June 2006) news articles. Initially the article is summarised – and then it is expanded on using various concepts from the AS syllabus. There are no questions and the articles are current enough to be found in their original state (i.e. from the Guardian, Independent, Financial Times etc) and used for comprehension.

The final section is the CORE syllabus is expressed in mind maps. Again, these are in stages and pupils may care to see if they can expand on the various incomplete branches shown.

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