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AS Business Studies Comprehensions

Every step has been taken to make the following comprehension questions as up to date as possible. Nearly all of the articles/questions enclosed are from news events after February 2004. Examiners often bemoan the fact that candidates seem to have little knowledge of current affairs and seem unable to apply their textbook knowledge to recent events. By providing 100+ articles with questions following, pupils can now read and think about current events – and apply their Business Studies. In this way this manual acts as a ‘revision manual’ that is interesting, absorbing and practical.

As the manual is photocopiable, questions can be used in class to illustrate particular points of the syllabus. The source of every article is given so pupils can carry out further research about the topic. The articles are in no particular order. Originally we thought of putting them in module order but that would constrain the range of questions asked. Then we thought of including these chronological order – but there seemed little point in that. Dates are given for each article and, of course, schools may re-arrange as they wish.

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