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Applying de Bono

Edward de Bono is perhaps most famous for coining the term ‘lateral thinking’. De Bono writes, ‘Lateral thinking is concerned with change – with the escape from old ideas and the generation of new ones’. This book is about applying some of the de Bono thinking tools to various aspects of Business Studies.


The emphasis is on ‘application’. Firstly the tools are explained and examples are given. Then the reader is encouraged to try the tools out for him/herself. As this manual is photocopiable it is assumed that sections will be copied and handed round in class. With that in mind various exercises are set – and a month’s homework is given. Readers are asked to apply the tools to a wide variety of business ideas.


This innovative approach - original ideas and unorthodox tools – makes for very interesting lessons. Away from going through a textbook, line by line or closely following a heavily itemised syllabus, this manual encourages pupils to actually ‘think’ for themselves. To examine ideas, assess the feasibility – and quite possibly come up with improvements for products

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From a D to an almost A is pretty sweet :) Thank you very much for the tutoring it helped considerably and if anyone asks for help in economics I’ll send them straight to you :) - Tom, Student