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Tyne Metropolitan College

Date of Visit: 8th May 2006

Tyne Metropolitan College

The conference was organised by David Tait who wrote:

“I would like to organise a revision conference for our AS and A2 Economics & Business students (Nuffield). Hopefully a one day conference could be organised to benefit all students – both first and second years. One day during the first two weeks of May would be ideal, but clearly we are flexible in this. I am based at Tyne Metropolitan College in North Tyneside – formerly Tynemouth College, last year we amalgamated with North Tyneside College. You may remember that a few years ago you did a revision conference at Tynemouth College.”

So, years later people remember…and book again.

This was a 2-day conference. As Tyne Metropolitan College is ‘only’ about 200 miles away there was no need to book accommodation for the Sunday(!). However overnight (Monday) accommodation was needed.

The two days were spent dealing with Nuffield AS and A2 Business Studies. The full schedule was as follows:

Day 1: Concentrate on A2

Module 4 – Competitiveness

The case study is based (largely) on Tesco. I would anticipate a minimum of 14 students and maximum of 20 students attending.

A2 Options: We do options one and two (‘What Is the Global Future?’ and ‘Can There Be Certainty?’). I would anticipate approx 30 students attending.

Day 2: Monday 9 May

Concentrate on A/S.

  • Exam technique / skills
  • Tackling data questions
  • Tackling data response questions
  • Revision techniques
  • Up to date business issues

Some syllabus topics to include for A/S:

  • S and D
  • Elasticities
  • Managing the economy (fiscal, monetary etc.)
  • Using financial data (Ratios, P and L, Balance Sheet)
  • Competitive advantage
  • Trade
  • Anything else in the syllabus


The class often moaned that there was a shortage of resources and that no one textbook covered all they needed to know….so within 48 hours of the conference finishing a book had been written especially for Tyne Metropolitan College!

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Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for all your help with Jack’s economics A level. It obviously made the vital difference and got him the A he needed, and he really enjoyed the tutorials as well. It is quite a relief that the results are out and most of them seem to have got more or less what they needed, so good work all round. - Sheila, Parent to an Economics pupil