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Thames Valley University

Date of Visit: May 11th, 2007

Keeping several classes merged together occupied for 5 hours is no easy task! As a whole group we thrashed out the case study looking at the key areas. Extensive work was prepared beforehand

What did the pupils say?

(Selection only)

  • Really helpful.
  • Enjoyed it and found it helpful.
  • Chris was a bit intimidating when he didn’t give enough time to answer.
  • That SPICED thing Chris taught us really helped me in the exchange rate
  • I felt put on the spot sometimes but I did learn a lot about the case

What did the teachers say?

  • You are the most brilliant teacher I have ever had the privilege to witness. Absolutely brilliant!” – Ann
  • Once again, many thanks for your input – the students got a fair amount out of it – we probably had 80% attendance – only one of mine missed, don’t know about Ann’s. Now to zoom through the rest of the syllabus. We shall test their enthusiasm when they find out they have to attend classes for two weeks after the exams for A2 preparation.” – Alan Maskell Head of Business Studies

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