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St Helens Northwood

Date of Visit: 4th May 2006

The second of two conferences booked by St Helen’s. This conference was specifically to go through the Edexcel AS and A2 Business Studies case studies.

As with other conferences, a playlette was especially written for the pupils. Pupils were also told all about Dystonia and the Dystonia Society.

The success of the conference lead to the entire A2 class signing up for the (free) internet class to supplement their study. This class is available here: http://www.osl-ltd.co.uk/tutor/.

Final comment:

“Thought today was entertaining, provocative and stimulating. Hope the girls agreed…will get feedback later today no doubt” – Nick Sennett, incoming Head of Economics

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Thank you so much for everything. Your in-put into Tom’s economics has made a massive difference to him. He has also enjoyed you teaching him, which is more than half of the battle I guess. Thanks also for your understanding with Tom’s stress levels! Hopefully now exams are over (or tomorrow, should I say), things will only improve now! Can’t thank you enough. Your reputation was excellent when we first heard of you, but having experienced the effect your teaching has, you deserve even better! Obviously Tom will be emailing you tomorrow to let you know how he got on and meantime, enough of my compliments! With best wishes. - Sue, Parent