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Peter Symonds College

Date of Visit: 13th June 2006

Peter Symonds College

The conference was organised by Mary Dunn (Education Officer, post-16 Hampshire Children’s services):

“I’d like to organise a mind mapping session in the context of A level Environmental Studies for a group of teachers from Sixth Form colleges in Hampshire. I would guess that the maximum number would be 10 and probably fewer. I could arrange the session in one of the colleges, now I know you can manage the date. We would hope to have a morning session – say, 10 – 1.00.”

The morning conference was to show how to use Mind Maps to teach Environmental Studies. To illustrate the use of Mind Maps we were able to take along extracts from the AS/A2 Mind Map books produced by Oxford School of Learning for Environmental Studies. As a new topic we also summarised recent guidelines on extended coursework.

As a follow-up the two volumes of AS/A2 mind maps were also sent (free). These currently retail to schools for £50+.

Feedback from Mary Dunn:

“Thanks for sending these attachments which I have just forwarded to delegates. Also thanks for the whole session, which was interesting and thought provoking. It was nice to meet you -and thanks for all the info about websites which is always appreciated.”

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I am really excited to let you know I got an A in economics, I got 88% in the Global Economy paper and 80% in the other paper about work and leisure markets! I am so so so happy! And the good news is I am now going to be studying dentistry and Cardiff! Thanks for all your help and encouragement, I would not have got that grade without you! Thanks again Chris, I’m forever grateful. - Rosie, Student