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Hill’s Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Date of Visit: 5th May 2006

Hill’s Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

The conference was organised by Kristy Taylor who gave this brief:

“On your approval, we would like the session to be in five hourly slots, you will have a different set of students every hour but each hour we would like on a different topic. Some students may attend more than one session and we will also take notes on the sessions that some students can’t make”

Five one-hour slots with some people coming to more than one session. Quite a challenge!

A schedule was devised and posted in advance of the Conference. The response: “My colleague, Sarah Buckley (whom you met last year) was particularly impressed with your role play activity and your spider diagram activity from last year and wondered if these are or could be incorporated this year?”

For the five one-hour slots a strategy was needed that would involve newcomers and be of use to those who were returning. There needed to be a theme as well as revision and the introduction of new points. Plus there would need to be a lot of photocopying – and yet the numbers for each session were not pre-determined.

The final session was a review of the whole Case Study and discussion on the themes. This allowed newcomers and ‘regulars’ alike to be involved.

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Thank you (once again) for all you have done for Jack – which I think has gone beyond the economics tutoring and into how to approach studying etc. I really am so grateful for all the hours you have given over to this. See you very soon – I will miss your emails falling into my inbox – they have been v entertaining at times! With love and immense appreciation - Caroline, Parent