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Akeley Wood School

Date of Visit: 22nd March 2007

“We teach the Edexcel syllabus to our GCSE students and have the pre-released case study, and the AQA syllabus to our 6th Formers.

We were wondering if you would be able to come in for 3 days in a row or even if you do Saturdays and we can get the students in – who are all very eager to have you I might add. Our Easter holidays start on the 22.03.07, so we could try and get them in then even. Please let me know what would be most convenient for you.

Our postcode is MK18 5AE and we are literally a few miles out of Buckingham. I would really appreciate it if you could do us a cost breakdown so that we may begin to get the letters prepared for our parents.“

As part of the preparation for the Edexcel Case Study a number of documents were prepared. These can be downloaded from here soon.

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I got a B in economics :) are u proud? Thanks!!!!!! - Indigo, A student who hated Economics