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Date of Visit: 19th March 2007

The original emails included:

“I have asked staff to do a little background work on the case study in the three lessons prior to the lecture and have sent onwards the documents you sent as a starter.

The lecture will start between 2:10-2:15 and finish at 3:45 – can I come back to you on the 6th form – I need to ask staff and look at timetabling for the mid-morning onwards.

Unless you hear otherwise, why don’t you arrive at 12 noon and we can have lunch together, I then have one lesson, in which time you can spend setting up and preparing for the lecture which will happen in the next period.“

Before the Case Study was sent to Oxford Conferences we prepared 5 mini-cases for the pupils to practice on.

After the conference had ended Simon wrote to us saying:

Thanks again for all your efforts today. I spoke to 2 good quiet students by chance this evening who got a lot out of the day and said the mind-mapping made them think in a way which they had never done and that they thought you were really good in getting them thinking about the case study (they had expected you to provide the answers) but enjoyed the day and said they didn’t realise how much you could get from a small section of the case study. I have asked for feedback and staff though the first half was positive  and it got the students thinking.”

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From a D to an almost A is pretty sweet :) Thank you very much for the tutoring it helped considerably and if anyone asks for help in economics I’ll send them straight to you :) - Tom, Student