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The Priory School (B&E College) Shrewsbury

The Priory School (B&E College), Shrewsbury

Date of Visit: 7th March 2006

The day was organised by Wendy Blower, Curriculum Co-ordinator for Business & Enterprise. The purpose of the day was to go through the case study ‘Centre Parks’.

Wendy wrote: “Thanks for last week, it was great and the feedback from the kids was good.”

For the day Oxford Conferences provided a 90-page case study specifically written for the school. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of this.

The detailed feedback from the school was:

  • 100% of students found the activity interesting

They have learnt:

  • Marketing 32%
  • IAS 27%
  • SLEPT 23%
  • Ratios 14%
  • Everything 9%
  • Busines in general 14%
  • Finance 18%
  • All about center parcs 14%
  • Business environment 5%
  • Product life cycle 5%
  • Business theories 5%
  • Answering business questions directly 5%
  • Definitions 5%
  • How different people contribute to a business 9%
  • Use of internet 5%
  • Different roles in business 5%


  • More one on one 5%
  • Nothing 45%
  • Another tpoic – different business 14%
  • Play more games 5%
  • Discuss in more detail 5%
  • Learn more about general business terms 9%
  • More individual work 9%
  • Do more group work and arguments 9%
  • Larger groups 5%

Overall, students thought that the activity was:

  • Very Good 68%
  • Good 23%
  • Average 9%

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I am really excited to let you know I got an A in economics, I got 88% in the Global Economy paper and 80% in the other paper about work and leisure markets! I am so so so happy! And the good news is I am now going to be studying dentistry and Cardiff! Thanks for all your help and encouragement, I would not have got that grade without you! Thanks again Chris, I’m forever grateful. - Rosie, Student